STRONGBUILD HISTORY: The business began in 2000 when founding business partners and long term friends Chris Francis and Jamie Strong moved from Sydney to Berry on the South Coast of NSW to build a better lifestyle for their respective families. Both Chris and Jamie had a passion for Classic Australian Architecture and proceeded to build their dream homes in Berry, Chris on a two and a half acre block in Kangaroo Valley Road and Jamie on a 1200sqm block in the heart of town. They found that the lifestyle they were building for themselves was in demand, people wanted what they had and as result, Strongbuild was born. Over the next few years the business grew steadily and focused on developing a systematic approach to building Classic Country Style Homes. They would enthusiastically continue to take on unique custom projects but their vision was to create a streamlined building system that would take the negative variables out of the design and build process allowing them to provide clients with certainty, design flexibility, control, quality and value - ultimately creating beautiful, healthy, affordable homes that would have a positive effect on the planet and the way people live both physically and emotionally. The idea of sharing their lifestyle and good fortune with others became the anchor of their business model.

Controlled Growth By 2009 Strongbuild had expanded substantially and had developed its streamlined home building systems to the point that it was possible to maintain exceptional quality and compete aggressively in the Multi-Residential market - Retirement Villages and Townhome Developments. Strongbuild had researched this market and decided it presented a logical growth area, both Jamie and Chris had the attitude that they would be building quality homes and having a positive effect on people's lives, simply on a larger scale. The decision to enter this market fitted perfectly with their values and personal aspirations to make a difference.

2011 - Restructure and new business activities. Based on the success of this new venture and the need to control the growth of the overall business, in 2011 Strongbuild took on two new partners, Jamie’s brothers Adam and Tim Strong and added a new division to its services – Strongbuild Commercial Pty Ltd under the banner of 'Community Building' based in Sydney. Strongbuild now featured 2 distinct building divisions, Home Building and Community Building.

From here, constant development of Strongbuild's systematic streamlined approach to building combined with a well structured business plan, a set of authentic core values and an unswerving commitment to their original vision saw the business grow from humble beginnings in 2000 into a highly successful growing business.

2015 - The Next Step.

'Innovation to Strongbuild simply means constant and never ending improvement - continually searching for more efficient ways to achieve our ultimate goal of building cost effective high quality, energy efficient, healthy and beautiful homes'.

This is a commitment Strongbuild takes very seriously and the Directors believed that by combining modern technology, streamlined building system and methods and detailing with energy efficient sustainable resources they would be able to continue what they've always done - faster. more efficiently and forever.

In 2015 after four years of extensive planning and research it was time to take the logical step of creating an automated Manufacturing / Panelisation facility. This would allow the business to take more control over the negative variables associated with the building industry and provide control over price, quality and timing with the entire design and build process in-house.

2017 - A Better Way to Build

In early 2017 the facility was operational and well on the way to streamlining the company's goals for the future.

Strongbuild today has offices in Berry and Sydney and proudly remains a rare blend of cutting edge technology and good old fashioned values.

The business is driven by a desire to build homes that will have a positive effect on the way people live, both physically and emotionally through quality workmanship, innovative thinking and ultimately – affordable excellence in building.

Strongbuild Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) Policy:
Strongbuild AS 4801 Accreditation
 Strongbuild takes safety seriously. As the business evolves we continually review and improve our systems to not only meet the required standard, but to exceed it. Our systems are also audited by an external auditor annually to ensure nothing is overlooked. Safety for us is not simply about compliance - it's about taking care of every team member.