Streamlined to Strongbuild simply means constant and never ending improvement – continually searching for more efficient ways to achieve our ultimate goal of building cost effective high quality, energy efficient, healthy and beautiful homes and communities of homes, that will have a positive effect on the planet and the way people live both physically and emotionally.

This is a commitment we take very seriously and in this section of the website we’ll explain how we’ve employed modern technology to Streamline and unify what we believe are the four key areas that will reduce the effect of the negative variables associated with the building industry. Design – Offsite Manufacturing – Panelisation – Mass Timber or Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) and Sustainability.

By combining sustainable resources with performance enhancing building systems, methods and detailing, we’ll be able to continue what we’re doing now…better and forever.


Control over 3D Design – Compliance and Co-ordination.

Strongbuild has a team of draftsmen that model and detail the majority of projects we build in 3D, using Archicad. We have been using Archicad to successfully model and detail projects in excess of eight years. We work closely with the client’s design team to model all aspects of the project, including the structure, finishes and services, to ensure an accurate and fully co-ordinated computer representation of the project is produced whereby the client and their team are virtually flown through the design with an extremely accurate representation of the end product.
This process ensures that the client and their Architect’s brief is accurately met and invariably results in minimal change through the project dramatically reducing time and cost variations.
Strongbuild then produces a large amount of detailed drawings for each project essentially providing workshop drawings for each of its trades, providing the necessary tools to ensure a well-co-ordinated smooth flowing project where Strongbuild’s experienced supervisors can more focus pro-actively on program and quality.

Control over detailed workshop design/drawings.

Where Archicad creates an excellent representation of the design, Cadwork details every piece of the structure as a true object, right down to nail centers and drill holes etc. It also creates detailed drawings for optimised integration with CNC saw technology in preparation for pre-fabrication.
Once the Archicad BIM model has been completed and coordinated, the structural elements, will be imported into Cadwork and will be fully detailed with service points and reticulation paths being marked for routering, connection details being finalised and all walls and floors panelised. The structure will then be checked and certified by the project Engineer before the CAD/CAM files are produced by Strongbuild for fabrication.
As the above process is undertaken by Strongbuild from a detailed and coordinated BIM model the elements will be dimensionally accurate as they originated from the BIM model, negating the risk of a third party detailer making errors which is a common challenge for any off-site manufacturing process.
Strongbuild’s experience in design, detailing and off-site manufacturing will ensure that delays and rework are not required on site.


Strongbuild has invested in a state of the art, fully automated, advanced panelisation manufacturing facility…the first of its kind in Australia. This facility in Baulkham Hills Sydney Australia represents the culmination of over ten years of research and development into establishing a more efficient, healthy – better way to build.
Panelisation is the automated manufacturing of key building elements, off site in a controlled factory environment. Floors, walls, roofs and joinery components are pre-finished in a factory then transported and assembled on-site. This process puts Strongbuild in control of the negative variables associated with the building industry and is the key to creating more product consistently faster, more economically and to a higher standard than ever before. The Building Industry has obvious and well known risks and issues, these include skilled labour shortage and costs, skilled sub-contractor shortage, maintaining the build schedule, bad weather and excessive waste, all of which have a negative effect on price, quality and timing.
Panelisation reduces the exposure to these risks substantially ultimately providing more control, less risk, more certainty.

Panelisation promises increased efficiency through design and manufacturing plus more control over costly variables, the likes of rising labour costs, build schedule bad weather and excessive waste.
This equates to a far superior end product at a controlled and highly competitive price compared to conventional building methods.

Because the building elements are designed in Archicad, optimised in Cadworks, manufactured to milimeter accuracy via CNC saw technology then assembled in an automated factory environment by a team of highly trained professionals, the quality is exceptional and consistent.

One of the hardest things to control in the building industry is the weather. Because key building elements are manufactured and assembled in a controlled, automated factory environment there is far less risk involved with bad weather and far less time required onsite to construct. Panelisation is fast and efficient, this combined with the obvious benefits of off site assembly make Panelisation a powerful tool when it comes to maintaining a build schedule.

Panelisation is as flexible as conventional building. European design trends may have created an image that Panelisation is limited to fairly fundamental design rules. This is not the case. By harnessing the power of Archicad, Cadworks, CNC saw technology and Cross Laminated timber, design is limited only by imagination.

Because of the automated nature of Panelisation it is possible to add healthy, energy efficient options to a home for a fraction of the cost of traditional construction techniques. Panelisation is bringing the concept of building healthy, energy efficient homes well within the reach of individuals and developers alike.
At Strongbuild we’ve always stood by our promise of exceptional quality at a competitive price. Panelisation is our way of raising the bar even higher….the more control we have over the building process, the more promises we can make, and keep.


From Homes to High Rise – building with wood is about building places where people want to live and being considerate to the environment. Wood has always been our preferred choice of home building material and CLT for Multi-Residential High Rise is our logical progression. Sustainable forests and CLT will allow us to meet today’s demands for construction material without compromising the needs of the future.

Some of the major benefits of CLT are as follows:
• Wood constructions address climate change by being virtually carbon neutral.
• Wood is durable, long lasting and ultimately can be re-used or re-cycled.
• Wood is organic, aesthetically attractive and a totally manageable, renewable resource.
• CLT can be as strong as concrete and now capable of creating buildings up to 20 stories high. Wood is the concrete of the future.
• CLT offers Architects and Designers a new, creative, flexible and exciting High Rise design pallette.
• CLT has an exceptionally long life span.
• CLT is fast, efficient, clean, creates minimal waste and is quiet to build.
• CLT is fire resistant and dramatically more manageable in a fire than steel.
• CLT is 75% lighter than concrete and is pre-fabricated and precise.


We believe the future of the building industry will be built on innovative thinking and energy efficient, sustainable materials. Our business model is designed to take full advantage of modern technology to create outstanding product while avoiding the depletion of the planet’s natural resources and pollution of the environment.
By combining sustainable resources with performance enhancing building systems, methods and detailing, we’ll be able to continue what we’re doing now, better and forever.  Because of the automated nature of panelisation it is possible to add healthy, energy efficient options to a home for a fraction of the cost of traditional construction techniques. Panelisation is bringing the concept of building healthy, energy efficient homes well within the reach of individuals and developers alike.

Our nine and a half star energy efficient test home is a prime example of our commitment to searching out and testing innovative products. That and our move into Cross Laminated Timber over concrete and steel wherever possible is a massive step toward lowering the stored C02 content of our buildings, ultimately reducing the impact of traditional construction methods on the planet.

Strongbuild…There really is a Difference.