Chris Francis

Illawarra Business Development Director

Chris was a founder of Strongbuild in the year 2000 and has extensive experience in the design and delivery of quality homes. Chris is responsible for the general operation of Strongbuild and manages the marketing, sales and procurement of all home projects. Chris is a natural leader, manager and mentor.

Tim Strong

Sydney Construction Director

Tim joined Strongbuild in March 2011. Tim has a diploma in Building and Construction and has considerable experience in commercial projects including Retirement, Aged care and Retail. His personable nature and ability to encourage and inspire people sees him responsible for HR. Tim is passionate about delivering high quality projects and leads by example when managing the construction teams in Sydney.

Jamie Strong

Illawarra Construction Director

Jamie was a founder of Strongbuild in the year 2000. He is responsible for the delivery of all home projects, he also manages the detailed drafting and coordination process and is the quality control officer for the entire group.

Adam Strong

Strongbuild Group Managing Director

Adam joined Strongbuild in January 2011. He has a degree in Construction Management (Hons) and has extensive experience in the commercial construction industry. Adam is a strong manager and leader who shows a clear and positive vision. He brings a wealth of experience in finance, accounting, management, organisational structure and systems. Adam is passionate about innovation with purpose – he is dedicated to exploring modern technology and energy efficient, sustainable resources with the aim of creating a more controlled, healthy way to build.