The 2014 / 2015 HIA NSW & National Building Awards.

Strongbuild isn’t a business that thrives on winning awards, basically we like to set our own standards and simply get on with doing things right. In 2014 for the first time, we decided to enter a number of divisions of the HIA Housing Awards.

The Housing Industry Association (HIA) is the leading industry association in the Australian residential building sector. Initially our reason for being a part of this award event was more as an exercise in evaluating the state of the industry rather than winning awards, the end result was totally unexpected.

In 2014 Strongbuild was a finalist in the 6 divisions entered and won 3 of the divisions outright, plus the coveted HIA NSW Professional Medium Builder of the year and Townhome Builder of the year. We then went on to win the National Townhouse Development of the year and the National Special Purpose Housing award of the year.

In 2015 we scaled down our entries to 3 projects and we’re happy to say that we were finalists in all categories entered and won four categories outright – Townhome/Villa over 10 Dwellings, Townhome/Villa Development and Townhome/Villa of the year plus Custom Built Home $600K to $1Million.

We’re definitely proud to be acknowledged in such a competitive arena and see this as a perfect opportunity to express our gratitude to our incredible team. We’ve managed to surround ourselves with a group of professionals who love what they do, and it obviously shows….thanks to each and every one of you for your relentless dedication.

Previous Awards:


Our business is driven by a desire to do things well, and to make a difference – until we joined the Shoalhaven Business Chamber, winning awards had never come into the equation.

The Shoalhaven Business Awards is set up to acknowledge excellence in business across a broad range of categories including Building and Construction. It is well organised and its main agenda is to help raise the overall quality of service in the Shoalhaven. For Strongbuild this definitely represented a cause worth supporting.

In 2010 Strongbuild entered the Building and Construction category, more to be a part of the team spirit generated by the Chamber than to actually win the Award but as it turned out, we won in 2010, 2011 and 2012. This ultimately placed Strongbuild in the Shoalhaven Business Chamber’s Hall of Fame, a prestigeous position indeed, and one that we are very proud to hold.

As our initial presentation was in place, in 2010 we also entered the same category in the Illawarra Business Awards and are proud to say that we won that as well.

Winning these awards hasn’t changed the way we do things but it has confirmed that people appreciate what we do, which definitely inspires us to do more of the same.

Becoming a member of The Hall of Fame means Strongbuild is no longer eligible to enter the event in the Building and Construction category – we will continue to take pride in our achievement and hope that our dedication to excellence inspires others in the future.