Streamlined Home Building.

By choosing one of our Pre-Determined Architectural styles, this is our fastest, most cost effective method of designing and building a bespoke home.

These Streamlined Home Products (or Architectural styles) take full advantage of our Streamlined Building Systems and our Streamlined Building Manufacturing Facility, providing maximum control over price quality and timing, without sacrificing creativity, individuality or design flexibility.

We currently feature four Architectural Styles in this division – Classic Country, Classic Coastal, Contemporary Country and Contemporary Pavilion.

Custom Home Building.

Explore the limits of your imagination with the Architect of your choice.
If you can dream it Strongbuild can build it.

If the Architectural Styles presented by the Streamlined Building Product aren’t what you’re after, no problem. The Strongbuild Custom building division is designed to handle the most demanding projects, regardless of size or architectural style.

We’re happy to work with the architect of your choice or alternatively, we can introduce you to a number of like minded architects that we’ve worked with and trust to do an excellent job. We believe that it is vitally important that we work closely with the architect  during the design stage to ensure the plans not only follow the brief, but are accurate and technically achievable within the construction budget. At Strongbuild we pride ourselves on our ability to bring ‘builders logic’ to the table during this stage to avoid unneccessary modifications and budget blowouts during the build.

Our Streamlined Building Systems are less relevant in this style of build but will still have a significant positive effect on even the most challenging design.

If you have a custom project in mind come and talk to us about it, we love a challenge and we’re here to make your dream home a reality.