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Project Description

Measures to reducing the effects of EMF (Electromagnetic Frequency) Radiation are being implemented, mainly to the five bedrooms of the house. Radiation exists in high levels in most environments with the advent of technology, particularly homes. Levels are typically well above proven safe levels. EMF’s are produced from external sources such as Mobile Towers, Power Lines etc, from external Geological sources and from Internal Sources such as Wifi, internal power cabling etc. With the pilot home we are testing the effectiveness of some products from Geovital to greatly minimise EMF’s to bedrooms where it has been reported and logically acknowledged is the place where the body’s recovery needs to be maximised. Radiation shield mesh and paint are being installed to external bedroom walls. Shielded cabling is being used where required and Demand Switches are being installed (within the main switchboard) to all bedroom lighting and electrical circuits that will cut all current within those circuits when there is no demand upon them, i.e. at night when occupants are asleep.