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Project Description
Caroline and Paul Bloomfield’s Home

The Bloomfield Home is a Strongbuild ‘Classic Country Style’ Streamlined Building Project.

Caroline’s Story:

Having spent the best 2 years of my childhood on a dairy farm in Victoria, I’d always believed that I would eventually end up back in the country. The only problem was that my husband Paul’s work was in the city and our kids were fairly entrenched in their school life.

I’d spend hours surfing the net searching for a dream home but always thought it was more a dream than reality until one day I came across a block of land near Gerringong that really grabbed me. I felt we just had to check it out. When we arrived we immediately fell in love with it…the location was only 2 hours from Sydney and so close to an amazing beach, it had gorgeous views to the ocean and oozed the promise of a more relaxed lifestyle…we were hooked. How to organise it was the next thing. Our inital plan was to build a small house and rent it out until we could eventually extend it and move in full time. We bought the land and started looking for someone to help us put it all together.

We came across Strongbuild when searching for builders on the south coast and were attracted to the fact that we could have a custom designed house built to a fixed budget with high end fittings and joinery. Initially we were thinking of an ultra modern house but the more we checked out the Classic design style house, the more we realised it would suit the rural location better. All we had to do was choose less traditional fittings to suit our taste. We chose a local architect Robin Graham to draw up a few designs based on our strict criteria, including a house that could be extended further down the track and away we went. This was a magical time for us and as the project progressed we decided just to build the entire home all in one go and rent it out as a larger home.

As the building process got under way, word got around Paul’s industry that we were building on the south coast and offers of work on the south coast started to make us re-think the holiday rental plan. I was more than happy to move to the country sooner rather than later and so were Paul and the kids when they saw the house starting to take shape.

By the time the house was completed we had booked the kids into a new school, sold the Sydney home and moved to what we and our friends describe as ‘the dream home’.

Project Details
ClientThe Bloomfield Home
DateMarch 2013