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Project Description
Terry and Jennifer Delahunty’s home

Terry and Jennifer’s home is a Strongbuild ‘Classic Country Style’ Streamlined Building project.

Terry and Jennifer Delahunty had dreamed of building a unique country home on their 5 acre property in Kangaroo Valley. They had envisaged a Queenslander style building with verandahs all around sitting in perfect harmony with their block of land. Their layout ideas were clearly thought out yet they found it increasingly difficult to translate their plan into reality through traditional design methods; so much so that they eventually contemplated selling the land in favour of finding an existing property.

Terry and Jennifer’s Story:

One day by chance, while we were driving through the valley on our way from Sydney, we noticed a relatively new house that appeared to be exactly what we were after. There was a guy working in the yard who turned out to be the owner so we stopped, got into a discussion about the house and found we had a lot in common. He and his wife had experienced much the same issues while attempting to design their dream home through traditional methods and had nearly given up as well. Naturally we wanted to know who solved their problem and were introduced to Chris and Jamie at Strongbuild.

Straight away there was a difference.  Most people tend to look at you strangely if you start talking about the sound of wind in the Sheoaks, the early morning mist, communing with the land and so on but these guys live the country and new exactly what we were on about. Chris walked us through the Strongbuild way of doing things and their Classic Designs system. He totally convinced us that we could achieve all we were after relatively simply and within our budget and as it all turned out, he was spot on.

Initially we were fired up and wanted to move on it quickly but our lives changed direction a little and we decided to put the house on hold and disappear overseas for a year. Chris said he’d keep in touch to help fire the enthusiasm and promised a follow up call sometime in the future. I’m not sure when he said he’d call but now I’ve come to know Chris it would have been exactly when promised!  What he didn’t count on was that we were in L.A. at the time and it was 3AM! – nice one Chris.

After our trip we were ready to go, we contacted Chris and Jamie; prepared a simple pencil sketch of how we thought the floorplan might look and committed to the build. The Strongbuild streamlined building system is quite amazing, from our simple pencil sketch the boys worked with us to fine tune things on paper. They then drafted it up and created a 3D computer image of the house so we could virtually walk around it. Doing it this way left nothing to chance.  We could accurately see what we were getting before the build started, it really gave us great confidence, we felt totally in control.

We were still able to modify the plans even at this stage.  For example; we discussed having a wider entry corridor with what eventually would be called the ‘Oh My God’ factor!  It’s there and still gets that response from me every time I walk through the door. Another great benefit of doing things this way is that we got an accurate quote.  Chris explained that as long as we stayed within the boundaries of the system, he could guarantee a fixed price, and he did.

As the build progressed we found we were working with a couple of unique individuals.  Chris and Jamie have managed to pair themselves into being able to provide the entire package with absolute integrity, honesty and endless enthusiasm.  They simply love what they do. I can’t begin to explain how much we enjoyed getting to know them and the tradies they employ.

We simply couldn’t be happier with the experience and the end result.

Project Details
ClientThe Delahuntry Home
DateMarch 2011