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Project Description

The Garling Home is a Strongbuild ‘Classic Country Style’ Streamlined Home Building project.

Having sold our Kiama weekender and downsized in Sydney we were in the market for a home on a few acres on the south coast. With backgrounds in building and interior design and having built or undertaken major renovations on 7 of our past family homes we had a good idea what we were looking for. We looked at dozens of places over about 2 years from Kiama to Nowra and west to Kangaroo Valley. However all of the houses we looked at were going to require substantial renovation to achieve our objectives and inevitable compromise. Just as we were getting quite dispirited we found 80 vacant acres in Berry that we liked and convinced ourselves that we had one last new house build left in us. The benefit being that we could design and build exactly what we wanted rather than fixing someone else’s follies.

Despite having the experience to be owner builders we didn’t have the time (or inclination) to take that path again. So we started the search for architects/builders that might be suitable to do the job. One wet Sunday afternoon Mary and I were in separate rooms , both searching the internet for suitable candidates. After a few hours we both simultaneously called out to the other “have you seen the Strongbuild site?” The combination of Chris Francis’s boyish, folksy charm in his video talking about his vegetable garden and the Strongbuild Classic Design process made us both feel that we had probably found what we were looking for.
I’m please to say that about 18 months later when we handed the keys to our new home we knew that we had made the right decision.
Every member of the Strongbuild team that we came in contact with was highly competent and professional and importantly did what they said they were going to do.

The post build service has also been exemplary with any problem fixed willingly, professionally without resistance.

Phil & Mary Garling

Project Details