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Project Description
The Hopperton Home

The Hopperton Home is a Strongbuild ‘Classic Country Style’ Streamlined Building Project.

Joanna and Lee’s Story

We spent 12 years living in Europe and Asia, regularly returning to see friends in Berry.  As far as we are concerned the South Coast of NSW, and in particular Berry, is paradise.  On one Christmas holiday, when staying locally with friends, we made a spur of the moment decision to buy a vacant 60 acre block of land to develop when time, money and work commitments permitted.  Having spent a couple of very entertaining years living in Seoul in a small apartment with our three children the temptation to return to the space, sun and fresh air of Berry became overwhelming.

We were sold on Strongbuild’s ‘can-do’ attitude from the first time we met them.  We love the style and quality of their classic design homes and it was an easy decision to engage them to help with everything from clearing the land through to the planning, design and build of our cottage. We were particularly impressed with the way they helped us to deal with all aspects of the project during our time overseas.  They sent us photos and regularly kept us up-to-date with the progress that was being made.

When we finally arrived in Berry the cottage was in its formative stages.  The whole family loved watching it being built from the frame to the fittings. The Strongbuild team were very accommodating, showing us all the developments and explaining the process to us. It was one of the most positive and enjoyable experiences that we have had as family.  Strongbuild adapted to the various changes that we wanted and gave us great advice on all aspects of the design and finish. The cottage has exceeded our expectations and it’s a pleasure to live in it, in Berry.

Lee Hopperton

Project Details
ClientThe Hopperton Home
DateJune 2016