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Project Description

The McQuarter Home is a Strongbuild ‘Classic Coastal Style’ Streamlined Building project.

We were victims of the highway upgrade at Jaspers Brush and needed to find our next idillic home. When over 30 house inspections had us exhausted and dejected, we happened to stumble on a 2 1/2 acre block of land on the Berry fringe that got us excited, albeit with an element we had not contemplated .  Build!!

With two previous major renovations completed by Strongbuild on our Sydney and Jaspers brush homes, choosing the builder was a no- brainer!
The process began with timing, design and budget considerations.
Chris ,Jamie ,Trevor and Emma  were contributors to this and worked with the ideas and ramblings we had on design, smoothing out the rough edges and giving us practical solutions. We had seen a lot of the incredible bespoke craftsmanship that makes up a Strongbuild home  first-hand , and this was a core aspect to our build,  as we had access to some exciting recycled material and were convinced that they needed to be included in our build along with the quirky design elements that our in our DNA!

The boys on site, lead by Xavier, were brilliant with their patience and talent in executing the tricky detail required . Trevor and Emma managed the many trades people , the hiccups and our stresses vey professionally ,and now we need to periodically pinch ourselves to comprehend the beautiful home we are  settling in to.
Matt Taylor has complimented the impact of the house in its location with his design and build of the garden.

What a package. We are incredibly fortunate for the result.