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Project Description
Sam and Christian Orme’s home

The Orme Home is a Strongbuild ‘Classic Country Style’ Streamlined Building project.

Sam and Christian’s story:

We first became aware of Strongbuild quite a few years ago when Jamie and Angie Strong built their lovely house in Berry right across the road from us. A little while later Jamie and Chris Francis renovated our 1930s bungalow to such a beautiful standard that we thought if we ever build a new house Strongbuild are the only option.

A couple of years later a great block of land just around the corner came up for sale and we would daydream about what sort of Strongbuild house we would build on the block every time we went past. We got the courage up to go for it and buy the block and then set about planning what sort of house we would build. The house we decided on fits the block so perfectly that it looks like it has been there for a long time.

Our 2 little girls love all of the space in their new house, especially their playroom and stunning bedroom. We love the wooden windows and French doors, the high ceilings and our amazing kitchen/ dining/ lounge which has hosted many great dinner parties already. From the outside the house looks stunning, especially the decorative gables which Jamie designed.

The whole team at Strongbuild made the entire process really seamless and enjoyable from design phase to construction.

We expect this house to be our forever house but if we ever change our minds Strongbuild will be building the next house as well.

Project Details
ClientThe Orme Home
DateAugust 2013