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Project Description
The Simon Home

The Simon Home is a Strongbuild ‘Contemporary Country Style’ Streamlined Building project.

John & I spent quite a few years driving through Berry on our way from Sydney to our beach house in Currarong. On most trips we would stop in Berry for supplies or dinner and we would always find ourselves commenting on how beautiful the countryside was and how much Berry had to offer. Over time, our appreciation of the area increased and eventually led us to start looking at properties in the area for sale. We discovered relatively quickly that there was some beautiful acreage with not so great houses on them and a few good houses on not so great acreage. Not willing to compromise we decided that the most important thing was finding the right land and then we would find a way to get the house we wanted.

After quite a bit of searching we found a 25 acre block close to town, not far from the beach that also had a creek and lovely views. Then the search began for a builder, there seemed to be a name that kept coming up and that was Strongbuild. Apart from their solid reputation, one of the things that attracted us was the fact that we were able to design the house ourselves and Strongbuild were capable of making our plans come to life on CAD. We were able to work together to overcome any potential design issues and resolve them in a way that suited us both.

The design team at Strongbuild always respected our vision and did everything they could to make it achievable. The building team were a delight to work with and their attention to detail was impressive. The result of our team effort was the house we wanted and dreamt of.