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The McPake Home


The McPake Home is a Strongbuild Classic Country Style, Streamlined Home Building Product. If you can dream it Strongbuild can build it.


The Smith Home


The Smith Home is a Strongbuild Classic Country Style Streamlined Home Building Product. If you can dream it, Strongbuild can build it.


The Guest Home


The Guest Home is a Strongbuild  ‘Classic Country Style’ Streamlined Home Building Project.

Strongbuild’s Story:

The ‘Guest’ home is a Classic Country Style home built on 5 acres of beautiful established gardens in Wildes Meadow near Bowral NSW. The existing 5 acre garden was passionately created over a period of at least 25 years by the previous owner and was the drawcard for the new owners decision to purchase the block.

Strongbuild was involved early in the process as there was an existing older style home on the property that failed to satisfy our clients needs both physically and architecturally and needed to be removed without excessive damage to the surrounding plantings.

The client’s dream was to build a modern country style home with adjoining garage/barn/loft for vehicle and guests, that would compliment the garden and give the impression of a timeless involvement with its lush surroundings.

The solution was a custom ‘Strongbuild Classic Country Style’ build – a combination of ultra modern inclusions combined with recycled bricks, re-cycled timber and re-cycled stained glass windows. The immediate garden was re- designed to take full advantage of the home layout and to anchor the home to the landscape. The final look is classic and aged, yet modern and vibrant – exactly what our client had in mind.

The Guest’s story:

After living in Sydney’s suburbia for many years, once our kids had left home, my wife Helen and I were keen for a tree change to try our hands at growing veggies and fruit trees.

We looked in the Blue Mountains, Hunter Valley and the Southern Highlands.  Helen saw an interesting old church for sale in Wildes Meadow and made an appointment with Susan Everdell of Inside Story Realty in Robertson to view the property. The property didn’t have the land size we wanted but we fell in love with the area.

We didn’t want a 100 plus acre property, we just wanted about 10 acres. We were hoping to buy an old country house preferably needing renovation so we could put our own stamp on it, but we didn’t have any luck.  Sue showed us a lot of properties before we found Rowandale in Wildes Meadow. We had a dilemma though, we loved the land which had beautiful established gardens with fruit and nut trees, a big vegetable garden and flower beds, but we didn’t like the house at all.  The garden was originally designed and built about 25 years ago by then owner and garden designer Holly Kerr-Forsyth.

Unfortunately, the house wasn’t built well enough to renovate.  Sue showed us a Strongbuild brochure that she had in her office with the beautiful timber country homes they build, so we thought that could be our solution…… demolish and rebuild, and the rest is history.

Helen was keen to use some recycled materials and Strongbuild were happy with that and thanks to Jamie Strong and his builders we have a beautiful well built home that looks like it was built in the early 1900’s.  We love that most people think we have restored an old home.

We begged garden designer Brendan Moar to design the garden around the new house for us and we were so thrilled and grateful that he agreed to do it, and the results are  wonderful with the new house and garden blending beautifully together.

Philip Guest


The Garling Home


The Garling Home is a Strongbuild ‘Classic Country Style’ Streamlined Home Building project.

Having sold our Kiama weekender and downsized in Sydney we were in the market for a home on a few acres on the south coast. With backgrounds in building and interior design and having built or undertaken major renovations on 7 of our past family homes we had a good idea what we were looking for. We looked at dozens of places over about 2 years from Kiama to Nowra and west to Kangaroo Valley. However all of the houses we looked at were going to require substantial renovation to achieve our objectives and inevitable compromise. Just as we were getting quite dispirited we found 80 vacant acres in Berry that we liked and convinced ourselves that we had one last new house build left in us. The benefit being that we could design and build exactly what we wanted rather than fixing someone else’s follies.

Despite having the experience to be owner builders we didn’t have the time (or inclination) to take that path again. So we started the search for architects/builders that might be suitable to do the job. One wet Sunday afternoon Mary and I were in separate rooms , both searching the internet for suitable candidates. After a few hours we both simultaneously called out to the other “have you seen the Strongbuild site?” The combination of Chris Francis’s boyish, folksy charm in his video talking about his vegetable garden and the Strongbuild Classic Design process made us both feel that we had probably found what we were looking for.
I’m please to say that about 18 months later when we handed the keys to our new home we knew that we had made the right decision.
Every member of the Strongbuild team that we came in contact with was highly competent and professional and importantly did what they said they were going to do.

The post build service has also been exemplary with any problem fixed willingly, professionally without resistance.

Phil & Mary Garling


The Walker Home


The Walker Home is a Strongbuild Classic Country Style Streamlined Home Building project. If you can dream it, Strongbuild can build it.


The Jeston Home

Yvonne and John Jeston’s home.
The Jeston home is a Strongbuild ‘Classic Designs’ Streamlined Building Project.


The Bloomfield Home

Caroline and Paul Bloomfield’s Home

The Bloomfield Home is a Strongbuild ‘Classic Country Style’ Streamlined Building Project.

Caroline’s Story:

Having spent the best 2 years of my childhood on a dairy farm in Victoria, I’d always believed that I would eventually end up back in the country. The only problem was that my husband Paul’s work was in the city and our kids were fairly entrenched in their school life.

I’d spend hours surfing the net searching for a dream home but always thought it was more a dream than reality until one day I came across a block of land near Gerringong that really grabbed me. I felt we just had to check it out. When we arrived we immediately fell in love with it…the location was only 2 hours from Sydney and so close to an amazing beach, it had gorgeous views to the ocean and oozed the promise of a more relaxed lifestyle…we were hooked. How to organise it was the next thing. Our inital plan was to build a small house and rent it out until we could eventually extend it and move in full time. We bought the land and started looking for someone to help us put it all together.

We came across Strongbuild when searching for builders on the south coast and were attracted to the fact that we could have a custom designed house built to a fixed budget with high end fittings and joinery. Initially we were thinking of an ultra modern house but the more we checked out the Classic design style house, the more we realised it would suit the rural location better. All we had to do was choose less traditional fittings to suit our taste. We chose a local architect Robin Graham to draw up a few designs based on our strict criteria, including a house that could be extended further down the track and away we went. This was a magical time for us and as the project progressed we decided just to build the entire home all in one go and rent it out as a larger home.

As the building process got under way, word got around Paul’s industry that we were building on the south coast and offers of work on the south coast started to make us re-think the holiday rental plan. I was more than happy to move to the country sooner rather than later and so were Paul and the kids when they saw the house starting to take shape.

By the time the house was completed we had booked the kids into a new school, sold the Sydney home and moved to what we and our friends describe as ‘the dream home’.